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Dear business partners, welcome to Two Brothers Printing Company.

Our company was established in 1990. We started as specialists in textile printing. As time moved on, we have enlarged our production and occupied ourselves with selling and printing textile goods and promotional products. The made-to-order service represents one part of our production. We are ready to meet any of your requirements.

Technologies and types of printing

Primy tisk ukazky

Direct printing

plastisol inks, water-based and solvent-based inks, special effects

Transferovy tisk ukazky

Transfer printing

digital and silk-screen printing, transfer films

Vysivka a nasivka ukazky

Embroidery and cloth badge

Tamponovy tisk ukazky

Digital printing


Loga klientu

Textile Goods And Promo Products

Printing on T-Shirts and various clothing

Our main business is realization of garment designs manufactured with various technologies of printing, or machine embroidery. Our line of garments consists primarily of a wide range of T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hats, sportswear and leisurewear, jackets, bags and other items from the top brands made made from various materials in different colours. 

We are preparing an extensive catalogue of textiles. Thank you for your patience.

Use e-mail to send us your order or contact us via the phone number +420 602184544
We also offer below mentioned keenly priced brands.

We cooperate with more garment and textile manufacturers and suppliers. That´s why if you are interested in another brand which isn´t mentioned in our catalogue, we are ready to meet your requirements.

Promotional products

We offer promotional products of all categories - from little something to luxury presents. Promotional products could be printed with all types of printing technologies that we offer.


We offer large selection of umbrellas of all colours, sizes and shapes, for men and women, cheap and luxurious, classic, for managers, stylish, telescopic, luminous, etc. Umbrellas could be printed with all types of printing technologies that we offer.

Made-to-order service

We can help you easily design your items exactly the way you imagine them. Using the very best apparel and printing vendors to make your screen printing products, we can help you decide if this is the right option, and produce it in high quality & short delivery time. You may even decide to use our experience, and let us help you choose the most fitting garment for your design.

Znacky textilu a partneru

Dear friends, thank you for support and orders.

You were the only reason that made this extensive project counting 25 prints real. We highly appreciate your interest, because it is our main inspiration to continue working on new prints. So, we will further focus especially on the Second World War, because these prints are inquired frequently, and sometimes you will spot a t-shirt with modern or Czech war machine. As usually, we will pay special attention to comply with real historical technology.

In case of your interest and further questions, please contact us via e-mail or phone +420 603 868 053 

Netrvalowitz t-shirts are available here:

Merchandise for bands and clubs

We offer merchandise for bands, clubs, festivals, promoters and printing on T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, embroideries, badges and other promotional items.

Our clients:

Agressive Tyrants, Benjaming Band, Brutus, Covers for Lovers, Čechomor, Deratizéři, Disdainful, Do řady, E!E, Elán, Gauneři, Chinaski, Jaksi Taksi, Kabát, Koller David, Landa Daniel, Malomocnost prázdnoty, Meditace, MNM, Mordors Gang, Mr Feelgood, Náhradní díly lidí, Nežfaleš, Normals, NVÚ, Phantoms on Fire, Plexis, Požár mlýna, Pracovní úraz, Rocket Engines, Saints and sinners, SAS, Second Band, Spínací špendlík, SPS, Starý pušky, Street Machine, Synové výčepu, Tereza kradla, The Háro, The Plastic People of the Universe, Tleskač, Totální nasazení, Unholy Preachers, Visací zámek, Zatrest, Záviš, Zvlášňý škola, Žbirka Miroslav, Kelwin, Ember, Bobcats, Našrot, Proiekt, Yamrtaal, OZW, Green Monster, Tsunami, Znouzectnost, Haymaker, Vysoký napětí

Incident, Zóna A

UK Subs, Vibrators, Cock Sparrer, TV Smith, Business, Buzzcocks, Sham 69, the Boys, Mattless Boys, Resistance 77, Cyanide Pills, Menace, 999, Picture Frame Seduction, Partisans

Boss Martians, Briefs, Rotten Apples, The Rubinoos

B Bang Cider, Banana Pilots, Bettie Ford, Corner Boys, Cryssis, Hamburg Ramones, Meg’n’Jez, Pascal Briggs, Spittin‘ Vicars, Wet Dog

Bad Preachers, Speedözer, Whocares

Perkele, Sensitives

Boobs & Laces, Grease Rockers, Rythm’n’Boys


Antifest, Rebellion Festivals (London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Venice), Colours of Ostrava, Punk Aid (Praha, England), Rock na valníku Slaný, Subculture Praha, Úmrtí Sida Fest Plzeň, Festival Pod Parou, Punk Fest Havlíčkův Brod

Clubs, agencies etc.

Astacus Rakovník, Barracuda Café Praha, Breizh Pirate Francie, Breizh Wankers Francie, Broken Heart Shop Praha, Bulldog Shop Praha, Dogs Lovers Records, Guerilla Records (underground vydavatelství), Hospoda U Jezzu Roztoky, Kapsa Plzeň, Karate Slaný, Kotelna Chomutov, North Records England, Okna Slaný,, Pilsner Patriots (americký fotbal), Rockový club TANNA (GER), Pragokoncert, Satan Bikers, Scooter Club Breizh Francie, Soptík (ohňostroje), Tattoo Plzeň, Tiger Heroes Agency, U Křelovců Plzeň

Tricka pro kapely

Request form

We can help you realize your requests exactly the way you imagine them, and produce them in high quality and short delivery time. Fill the request form or use e-mail to send us your order. Then we will send you the price quotation.

We will produce your order and deliver or send it to the specified destination after your approval. We always set the parameters of your order in accordance with your own priorities and we are available to answer your questions.


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